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Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa

Representing the 1st District of Hawaii

Congresswoman Hanabusa’s Statement on Kavanaugh Confirmation

October 6, 2018
Press Release

“A very sad day for the people. As the demographics of our country continue to change dramatically over the next 25 years, this Supreme Court will not change with us.”

“This is a devastating example of why it matters who sits in the Oval Office. It matters who controls the Senate and the House.  And it highlights the dire need to elect more Democratic women. His behavior before the Senate Judiciary committee displayed a partisanship and a lack of judicial temperament that should have been disqualifying, in and of itself.”

“In addition to the serious, credible criminal allegations against Judge Kavanaugh, Trump’s Republican Party confirmed a pro-business conservative, who opposes stricter gun laws and environmental regulations. Judge Kavanaugh supports the Trump administration’s work to undermine the Affordable Care Act, including Americans dealing with pre-existing conditions.”

“Trump’s Republican Party now has their long awaited chance to reverse decades of progress to end discrimination, expand healthcare coverage, and advance the rights of women, workers, the LGBTQ community, minority communities and Native people.”

“Despite this setback, we must remain engaged and active in our democratic process. It is essential to ensuring that balance, basic decency, and regular order is someday restored to our three branches of government.”