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Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa

Representing the 1st District of Hawaii


Representative Hanabusa is committed to investing in our keiki and providing every child access to a quality education.  Supporting education and our educators is critical to a healthy society and a robust economy.  

National investment in primary and secondary education is crucial to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed.  As the former Co-Chair of the Hawaii State Joint Senate-House Felix Consent Investigative Committee, Representative Hanabusa saw firsthand the importance of providing sufficient resources and services to special needs students in Hawaii’s public schools.  Like many states, Hawaii strives to provide a quality education to its students, but relies on federal resources to do so.  With federal support, states like Hawaii will be able to modernize classrooms, offer more programs, and continue to provide important services for our state. 

Keeping college affordable is critical, especially with the growing number of jobs that require college and advanced degrees.  Despite the need for qualified workers and the strong desire of many to attend college, the cost of college continues to rise- leading to an accumulation of crushing student debt even before graduating or finding a job.  Representative Hanabusa believes that college should be affordable for all and strongly supports increasing the availability of scholarships and grants. 

In addition to investing in education, we must support our teachers in order to ensure student success.  Teachers devote much of their personal time and money to nurture student critical thinking, creativity, and the pursuit of dreams.  Many of them regularly take it upon themselves to equip their classrooms with requisite supplies that meet student needs.  Representative Hanabusa believes that our teachers are invaluable and deserve our country’s full support through policies that acknowledge the sacrifice many of them make on a regular basis.

Representative Hanabusa knows that education is the key to success and will continue to advocate for federal investment in education for students and teachers nationwide.